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The Way She Wants to be Kissed

The Way She Wants to be Kissed

Do you think most men KNOW what women want in a kiss? That is one of the questions in an online survey for women about kissing and what they want in the experience.

The responses show that 75% of women who took the survey think men don’t know what women want in a kiss, and please – DON’T ASK – so what’s a guy to do? It goes back to communication and reading body language. If you think things are going well and you want to try for a kiss, go slowly and softly at first. If she’s all about it, then bingo – go for it. But follow her lead. She is the one who will either accept your kisses and ask for more if she likes them – or slam the door in your face. Guess who’s in control?

Unfortunately, men, that’s the way things shake out. It’s not a matter of power or even control, but it IS how the world works. You can’t force a woman to kiss the way you want her to kiss. You can, however, follow her lead, and if you care enough about her, then introduce whatever style it is that floats your boat! It’s all how you approach the subject – and her.

Remember this: Women DO love kissing. So, provided you’re not suggesting something that would really turn her off, and everyone has different likes and dislikes, she may be amenable to your idea. And that can lead to some great kisses for both of you.

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