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Learn to Kiss, It’s Easy!

Learn to Kiss, It’s Easy!

Kissing may come naturally for many. However, there are some who feel awkward and uncomfortable about intimacy and romance. These are the people that must learn to kiss.┬áThere are many types of kisses that you can experiment with your partner but every individual must learn to kiss in the most basic type of romantic kiss – the French kiss. French kissing means kissing with an open mouth while touching your partner’s tongue with your tongue.

Now to make a good first impression with your partner, make sure you have fresh breath and your teeth are clean. Since it is the first kiss, do it in an appropriate environment. Do not put yourself in an awkward position. Ensure that you are in a comfortable position before approaching. Put your arms around your partner and slowly move your face closer to your partner’s face. Start with a normal kiss. Gently press your lips against your partner’s. After, slowly open your mouth and put your tongue in your partner’s mouth. Move your tongue slowly around it while playing with the other’s tongue. It’s best to be slow and gentle on the first kiss. Just build up the speed along the way.

There is no specific guide on how to kiss. Kissing is interacting with your partner, so read your partner’s body language. If his or her mouth opens wider, it probably means he or she wants to be more passionate. Follow each other’s lead. Any awkward moment is normal. As you get to know your partner better, you will become more comfortable with each other. Of course, keep in mind to stay relaxed and don’t forget to breath.

This guide is helpful if you want to learn to kiss. However, learning what your partner does or does not like, that is something you must learn on your own. So go ahead and enjoy each other’s company!

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