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Learn to Kiss in Fun, Easy Steps

Learn to Kiss in Fun, Easy Steps

A lot of people have fears of kissing, not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t want to mess it up. After all, kisses are a way of showing greater physical and emotional intimacy, so no one wants to mess up their budding romantic relationship because of this. This article breaks it down to a few steps so you will learn to kiss easily.

Before the Kiss:
1.       Observe proper hygiene. If you want to learn to kiss well, make sure that you and your breath smell nice. There is no greater turn-off than leaning in only to encounter a wave of garlic or sardine stench from your partner.
2.       Set the mood. Of course, some of the best kisses happen impulsively, but if you have a way to set up the mood, do so. Make sure the two of you are in a comfortable position. Play soft music in the background. Stare into your partner’s eyes and slowly move closer. Don’t just leap into the kiss or you’ll end up destroying the mood.

During the kiss:
1.       Relax! Don’t be overly tense, or the kiss will end up as awkwardly as you think. If it’s any comfort, your partner is probably as nervous as you are, so don’t worry about it too much.
2.       Position your head properly. Do not try to meet your partner’s face head-on, or you’ll just end up bumping noses. Instead, tilt your head slightly. You don’t have to meet your partner’s lips fully. As long as the majority of your lips makes contact with his or hers, you’re still okay.
3.       Slowly touch your lips with his or hers. Don’t press too hard, or you’ll push your partner away. Worse, you can make both your lips numb. At the same time, you will need to put a bit of pressure so the two of you can really enjoy the sensation of your touching lips. Estimate just how much pressure to use depending on both your tastes.

Of course, you can always pull back for air. That’s all you need to know to learn to kiss properly. There are different variations of it, but these steps are a good way for you to start. Good luck!

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