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Learn to Kiss by Unlearning it!

Learn to Kiss by Unlearning it!

Kissing can be likened to eating a piece of chocolate cake. To really enjoy the cake, you have to savor it before you swallow. Kissing is the same in a way that you have to savor it as much as you can before it ends.

The common question among people who want to learn to kiss is how they can do it perfectly. The truth is, there are actually no guidelines as to how you can perfect it. The first thing that you have to learn when you’re kissing is to unlearn everything else and let the passion flow through you. Let this passion be the one to guide you through every lip movement and every swirl of the tongue. That way, you can truly understand the value of a kiss. The best kissers in the world fall as testaments to this. They can give you all the tips that they can possibly provide, yet in the end, the value of the kiss will rest upon your shoulders, or in this case, your lips.

There are no standard lessons as to how you can perform the kiss. But of course, there are some tips as to how you can make the kiss worth it. Basically, when you’re performing a French kiss, your lips will have to be in automatic mode. Don’t force anything but don’t do less. Take charge when you feel your partner wants you to. This only means that shes looking for more and that it’s your turn to make an impression. And most important of all, don’t slober! People think that kissing with too much saliva is a good thing. This is not the case, as this will only turn your partner off.

And lastly, it is important that you know where to put your hands. Be modest enough not to put them immediately on the most sensitive areas. This is an intimate moment. Don’t ruin it by making yourself look like a pervert. The best body area to put them would be on the hips, the back, and even the face. Respect its value and learn to kiss the right way.

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